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Erin Tajime Castelan, Mural ArtistErin Tajime Castelan loves to paint inspiring murals that are uplifting and offer a spiritual reprieve to those viewing her creative images. She brings a light-hearted attitude to the creatures, and compassion and joy to the faces of the people she paints. Her knowledge of color offers a pleasing palette, selected per room to match the surroundings and set a mood.

After many years of drawing large reproductions of old masters’ works in chalk on pavement at Italian Street Painting Festivals, she began painting permanent murals on walls. Her mural work evolved from her enjoyment of working large and being at ease while creating in front of others.

Erin is skilled in many artistic areas and also loves to paint portraits. She recently began painting outside on location with oil paints, (plein air) bringing two passions together; her love of nature and painting.