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Kaiser Santa Teresa Family Health Center

This is a series of six murals in the pediatric waiting rooms of the Kaiser Santa Teresa Family Health Center. San Jose, 2007. <strong>Aquatic Medley. Pediatric waiting room Unit A.</strong> This theme was suggested by the staff; they wanted an underwater scene of the ocean as if it were a fish tank in the room. I particularly love this mural for the soothing watery colors and the great diversity of sea life in it; and for my daughter Jevana’s help designing the layout and painting the octopus dance on the corner. <strong>Aquatic Medley.</strong> Detail. <strong>Aquatic Medley.</strong> Detail. <strong>Moving in the Park. Pediatric waiting room Unit B.</strong> The background of this mural was taken from a postcard of Kelly Park in San Jose. The theme was chosen by the staff to inspire folks to get outdoors and move their bodies for health and vitality. <strong>Moving in the Park.</strong> Detail. <strong>Reading Fantasy. Pediatric waiting room Unit B.</strong> This image is an imaginary scene, combined with a staff-chosen theme of kids contentedly, peacefully enjoying a good book. My daughter Jevana helped me with the background by painting the mountains. <strong>Reading Fantasy.</strong> Detail.<strong>Safari Sunrise. Pediatric waiting room Unit C.</strong> The staff wanted an international aspect to the kids in this image and a harmonious, peaceful, serene scene with the colors and the animals. I chose really different colors to indicate arid climate, yet also bright greens of plant growth near the oasis. Many of the young animals with their animal parents were requested by viewers. <strong>Safari Sunrise.</strong> Detail. <strong>Safari Sunrise.</strong> Detail. <strong>Tropical Paradise. Pediatric waiting room Unit D.</strong> Due to this unit also serving as a clinic for travel shots, I suggested this image as an inviting, dreamy vacation spot that would encourage relaxation, along with bright, festive island foliage that will never wilt. There are many small things hidden in this image. <strong>Tropical Paradise.</strong> Detail <strong>Heaven on Earth, Pediatric wating room, Injections.</strong> This was the first design I proposed. It is in a room where young kids go repeatedly to get their immunization shots. I designed this image to fit the one long wall that does not wrap around corners. It portrays the passing of night to sunrise; the flow of water from the mountains to the ocean, and the harmony of nature and creatures in it. It has the many hidden items for kids to try to find. <strong>Heaven on Earth.</strong> Detail.