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street painting

Street Paintings

Street Paintings are large scale, temporary chalk paintings, usually painted directly on the concrete or asphalt, but sometimes on canvas placed on the ground.

Here is a sample of street paintings I have done at various festivals and promotional events throughout California.

<strong>Sola Y Luno</strong>. Featured Artist, Palo Alto, 2004. <strong>Mother and Child</strong>. San Rafael, 2002. <strong>Angel with Birds</strong>. Palo Alto, 2005. <strong>Angel Lover</strong>. Sacred Heart School, 2001. <strong>On the Beach</strong>. San Rafael, 2007. <strong>Mermaid.</strong> Featured Artist, Mission Viejo, 2002. Reproduction of <strong>La Belle Dame sans Merci</strong> by Sir Frank Dicksee. Featured Artist,
San Rafael, 1996. <strong>Bougereau Angel.</strong> <strong>La Bocca Della Verita.</strong> From <strong>Alphonse Mucha</strong>, Palo Alto 2007, with assistance from Jim Maclean. <strong>Worship</strong>. From a mural by Saturnino Herran. San Rafael, 1997 <strong>E Street</strong>. Commission.