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Erin Tajime Castelan • Artist & Muralist
Creativity = Inspiration = Life

Acrylic, oils and chalk; on canvas, canvas board, walls, fences and furniture.

With the intention of inspiring others, my passionate focus is Artistically Enlightening Environments with tender strokes of art. I am inclined to paint images that inspire, uplift and intrigue the imaginations of viewers in the hopes that they feel a tad more joy for seeing my art.

Let me paint what you dream of seeing, on your walls.

My artistic ability can enhance walls; canvas; furniture, and faces... or anything that stays still enough to receive my brush. I am a versatile artist in many ways including being comfortable with very small projects, as well as very large projects. You can count on my ability to plan out a project in meticulous detail or paint free-form with little planning. I design and paint Paintings & Large Murals for Individuals, Commercial and Residential Clients. My specialty is Nature scenes and Portraits.

Though I paint murals with acrylic mural paints I recently began painting outside on location with oil paints, Plein Air. This brought two passions together; my love of being in nature and painting freely.

Something unique about my art: I chalked up the pavement at Street Painting Festivals for many years, and then developed a way to seal my chalked images on canvas with a water based varnish. The result is a painting, that looks like an oil painting for the depth and richness of the smoothly blended pigments.  Once varnished these chalk paintings no longer have transient particles they are stabilized and will last as long and as well as an oil painting.